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An eyewear brand that uses natural materials from Japan.
Established around 2014 as handmade wooden eyewear made from recycled skate waste.
Currently, we are always proposing eyewear that is easy to use, based on the technology of our cooperating factories, while sticking to natural materials.

CLOTS sunglasses are mainly made of wood.
The wood is warm and very familiar to the skin, but on the other hand it is comfortable to wear. It is a very difficult material to process. Although it is not a material that is suitable for eyewear, we aim to create a comfortable eyewear that is used with technology while giving an impression that other eyewear does not have by using warm and familiar wood.


Many wooden sunglasses are very large in size to suit Westerners, and the width of the frame and the height of the nose pad are not made to suit Japanese people. We have reviewed the size and design of CLOTS sunglasses 1 to make them suitable for Japanese people. From the height of the nose pad to the width of the bridge, it is made to fit Japanese people.

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CLOTS sunglasses are made by stacking thin wooden sheets in layers.
All CLOTS wooden sunglasses have a sandwich structure of multi-wood + carbon fiber + multi-wood (front only). Therefore, it is very thin, lighter and more durable.


All CLOTS sunglasses use UV400 and polarized lenses.
(* The clear lens uses a blue light cut lens, not a UV cut lens.)
◉ Super Protective Film Increased lens hardness, wear resistance, and extended service life.
◉ High impact resistance of TAC lens Flexibility Hard to break.
◉ PVA polarizing film Absorbs glare.
◉ UV400 TAC lens UV killer.
TAC = triacetate
PVA = polyvinyl alcohol


Precautions when using polarized lenses.

Polarized lenses have some precautions and prohibitions when using them. Please take a look to get a safe and comfortable view. Please be careful when driving a car. It is a polarized lens that is also effective in preventing glare when driving, but there are some points to be aware of. "Do not drive with polarized lenses at night or at dusk." Like most sunglasses lenses, do not use polarized lenses at night, at dusk or in tunnels. Visual acuity deteriorates due to insufficient light. "Sometimes you can see the distortion of tempered glass with a polarized lens" Depending on the type of glass in the car, you may even see the distortion of tempered glass. In such a case, the visibility will be poor, so please do not use it. "Even if the LCD screen is difficult to see with a polarized lens" The LCD screen of a mobile phone or personal computer may be difficult to see depending on the angle. "Do not soak the polarized lens in water. 』 \ If you soak the polarizing lens in water, the sandwiched polarizing film may get wet and you may not be able to use it. If it gets wet due to rain, wipe off the water immediately. Also, do not put it in an ultrasonic cleaner.


CLOTS's wooden-based sunglasses (except for some metal frames) have an opening slot structure for easy lens replacement. You can easily change the lens with one screwdriver (included). Of course, it can be used as glasses or reading glasses by inserting a prescription lens.
* Lens replacement is possible, but some optician stores may not accept replacement. Please be careful before purchasing.



As we know, paints continue to release harmful substances such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzene and phenol that are normally used on wood surfaces.
Wearing glasses on your face every day is terrible and needs to be replaced!
Zero Paint's innovative technology uses German vegetable oil instead of paint. It's safe and healthy.
In addition, it was found that vegetable oils make wood waterproof, sweat resistant and scratch resistant at the same time.
No painting, no harmful effects.



CLOTS's wooden sunglasses have side lines as a symbolic icon of the brand. By adding a side line instead of a brand logo, we will enhance the brand's awareness and fashionability and differentiate it from other brands.


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