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Collaboration sunglasses with the back brand "Cisei", which has a studio in Florence, Italy. It goes well with the sophisticated design and Italian leather, which is a feature of Cisei products, and if you use it for a long time, it will become your own unique item due to aging. The material Ebony is a rare and expensive material, and its deep dark brown has an adult atmosphere. The first lens is a dimming lens, and the color depth changes depending on the amount of ultraviolet rays. A gray gradation lens and a simple screwdriver are attached to the spare lens.


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(* Please note that some opticians cannot accept replacement.) (* Be careful not to damage the screws when replacing.) (* The color of the photochromic lens changes depending on the ultraviolet rays, but it becomes completely transparent. No.) (* Because it is a natural material, the color may differ from the image.)


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    (FREE)/レンズ横幅57.0mm/レンズ縦幅43.5mm/全体の横幅 (フレーム込み)145mm/全体の縦幅(フレーム込み)53mm●Size: 56□16-145







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